1929 Schaltbau GmbH Munich founded for the development, production and distribution of railway switchgear and heating equipment.
1936 Schaltbau becomes a subsidiary of GHH Gutehoffnungshütte,
today’s MAN Group.
1956 Development of the investment goods market with connectors, switching elements and switchgear.
1972 Start of production in the new Aldersbach factory.
1974 Acquisition of the Velden / Vils assembly plant.
1979 Internationalisation of transport engineering activities through the purchase of Techniques d’Automatisme, Paris.
1987 Purchase of Pintsch Bamag, Dinslaken, a company active in the field of level crossing systems and energy supply components as well as stationary and mobile rail transport engineering.
1992 Takeover of Schaltbau by Berliner Elektro Holding AG and transformation of Schaltbau into a joint-stock company.
1994 The shares of Schaltbau are placed on the Stock Exchanges of Munich and Frankfurt.The conclusion of a joint-venture agreement with a Chinese rail transport engineering company prepares the way for entering the new growth market China.
1995 Extension of the mobile rail transport engineering business area through the takeover of the door systems manufacturer Gebr. Bode, Kassel
2000 Change of company name to Schaltbau Holding AG
Spinoff of Schaltbau GmbH
2004 75 Years of Schaltbau GmbH
2007 Takeover of Bubenzer Group, Kirchen, the leading manufacturer of industrial braking systems for container cranes
2012 Takeover of Tiefenbach GmbH, Sprockhövel, Shunting and signals technology
2014 Takeover of ALTE Technologies, Sanitary Systems for rolling stock
2015 Takeover of SPII, Components and Systems for rolling stock